12 June 2015

Random post + recall 5th anniversary

I thought I have forgotten this blog for quite a period of time. However I noticed that my last post was on 8th of March. At that time, it was the start of my second semester of year 1 in USM and now the semester has reach to the very last week. Frankly speaking, I wonder what I had done in this 3 and a half month. Time pass too soon until I have lost my way. This semester is not so busy and I slacked all the way through the semester. Sometimes of course I do feel guilty. Mainly what I did was preparing for the tests or quizzes at the very last minutes, skipping classes that I don’t feel like going, watching drama or movie once I have free time. The consequences are showing up now and I have to bear with it without complain. Currently I’m having hard time in preparing for my final especially the subject that I seldom went to class. Having to understand every concept by just reading the books and do exercises without any guidance is a challenge to me.

Apart of blabbering about my schooling stuff, I would like to bring out something might not be so interesting anymore to all of you.. :D. Yeappppy‼ It’s my relationship story again‼ Taadaa‼ :D. I’m happily to announce that we will be officially being together for 6 years in the coming 3rd of July ‼. Woohooo..‼ I had flipped through my previous blog posts and found out that I had constantly updated my blog on every anniversary except last year! Last year was our 5th anniversary (considered-as-a-quite-meaningful-year) but I turn out missed out the post regarding our precious moment. Let’s recall. Last year he brought me to Sunway Pyramid and he got me a couple ring. =). The present that he said he would not buy it for me until the right moment. Even though I have hinted or even told him directly that I would like to have a couple ring for n times, he still don’t give me any response until I fed up. Therefore the moment he pulled me into the shop and started to choose couple ring, I was like seriously? He said “Yes. We have been together for 5 years and I think this is a right moment to present you a ring. Though this is not an expensive one but a more precious one is worth waiting.” So I got my ring. =D.

This year is our 6th year. I’m running out of idea on what present should I give it to my boy. Well, let’s see. =D

08 March 2015


It's been long since I blogged. 2014 wasn't my year. It was quite a tough year for me. As mentioned in last post, I had kicked start the year with a part-time job in an accounting firm. Right after a month I had been there, I realized I was considered as a trainee and being paid RM500 for my basic salary. Mixed feelings coming up onto my mind and once I felt like giving up everything. However, I chose to continue on. Well, to be frank, I did pick up quite some skills on accounting and I guess I could apply it in my future life. So, I'm still feeling appreciate for the time being at there.

In the mean time of working, I have decided to further my studies at MMU taking Bachelor of Financial Engineering. It was not a familiar course in Malaysia but after I had gone through all the researches, I found that the course is quite interesting and it was the course that I'm seeking for. Without much of consideration, I applied for it and went for it. Study life there wasn't telly with what I have dreamed of before I went there. The environment wasn't nice and driving to and fro from University everyday made me feel sick. Life was dry. I was lucky to have my boy beside me.

Few months later, UPU notice had released. I got 2 offers. UTM and USM. I wasn't too attracted to those offer at first because I was too stubborn at that time. I wish to be a college student and could have a different lifestyle of being in a government University. On top of that, I had heard numerous rumors about the study style and lifestyle being in local U. I'm afraid and resist of being part of it. However, I have changed my mind seeing one of my friend accepted the offer and also taking consideration of my family financial status, I decided to go USM. The only Uni that came into my consideration.-the APEX University.

Things was going on smooth here at USM. Uni life was not as bored as I thought. Learning to be independent is the course that I was forced to learn after coming to Penang alone staying in hostel. It was not too bad. At least I could be more focus on my studies and explore my network in University. When I thought everything had finally settle down, I was wrong. Things do not stop at where we wanted it to be. Grandpa had admitted into hospital due to a fall. At the same time, my dad faced serious problem in China. Everything happened forced us to the corner and we have no energy to fight for it. My mother nearly broke down. Few months later, we attended my grandpa's funeral. The worst moment I had encountered in my life.

Until now, my family have no proper household income for nearly half a year. Savings are exhausted. I have no idea how 2015 will be going on. But I hope it could be nice to me and my family. At least let us get out of depression and face the sunlight once again.

Cheng Li.

01 January 2014



I don't know how should I start this post off but a simple 2014. So yeah. It's already 2014. Many things had changed.

2013. For the whole year I have been engaging myself into the busy school life. Going to school every weekday, attending co-curriculum, picking up some badminton skills, completing the assignments, making fun with experiments, outing with friends, joining the class trip and so on...

It was a busy yet fulfilling year. I have gone through round and round of examinations and felt the heart-breaking moment and joyful moment on the result release dates. I have survived from the hard time of exam periods and prayed hard for the better result. Many times there was a thought in my mind wishing the time to pass faster so that I can faster graduate and face no more of the schooling stuff just like a bird that is free from it's cage.

Few months before the year ends, I have already thought of the life after leaving school. I planned quite a lot and in fact I forced myself to plan for some reason.

And now, today, is the brand new year. Few days before, I received a call from my uncle that I'm going to interview for a job and I secured a job. That's working in a moderate size accounting firm. For me knowing nothing about account, I'm afraid. I'm afraid I couldn't help much without some basic skill. I'm afraid I couldn't cope with the working life. I'm afraid I couldn't make friends. I'm nervous. I panic about the time to wake up and go to work. I'm panic if there's a parking slot left for me. I'm even panic if I dress up properly and nicely. Maybe I sound exaggerated but that's the feeling for my first working experience. And yeah, tomorrow will be the day.

So, the first thing that welcome me to 2014 isn't the fireworks nor the holidays but a working life. I'm not sure how it will turn out to be but I wish everything will be fine and smooth tomorrow. Pray hard.

11 December 2013

041213-181213 China trip

It has been long time since my previous post. I was quite busy for the past 1 or 2 months due to the final exam. By the time I'm done with my exam, my holiday starts and I packed my December with full of activities.=D

So the first trip I went was to China. 2 days after my exam ended. The aim of this trip was actually to visit my relatives in China. So for your information, they are my mother side grandpa's mother's younger brother's sons. Okay, in short we are visiting my grandpa's cousins..haha

This is a very meaningful trip as most of the member of the family have joined this trip even my boy. We were in a large group with a total of 26 people.

The plane depart on late night 9.15pm and we reached there around 1.15am.

 The night view of KL

051213 2nd day

We reached hotel by nearly 4.00am in the morning and we were to gather for breakfast at 9.00am. It's quite suffering though as we didn't get enough sleep. You know right, the seat of AirAsia plane was not really comfortable to have a nice sleep.Duh! Ah, I forget to mention that the weather there was winter and it was so cold my hand was shaking and my body was shivering right after I get out of the plane !! It was 10 degree celsius in the midnight.

 Garden in the Hotel

 Breakfast room

 Relatives came 

 Aunt's family

 I personally like this very much..<3 

After breakfast, we went for a walk around the area.


 I find this photo quite natural..=D

After an hour of walking, we stepped into another restaurant and gonna have our lunch on 12pm.
The first thing came out our mind was HAR? cause we were still very full, breakfast still inside stomach not yet digest..=.= okay..i know it's disgusting..^^
Anyway, we didn't managed to finished up all the food they ordered. Such a waste though.

 This is so-called "rock" pau..quite unique and taste good..=)

After lunch, we went on to visit my great grandmother's village. 

 This is the place my great grandmother's live when she's young

 her room

My boy was the camera man.

 I bet urban people have never seen such large chicken before


Dinner time

 These are all the relatives we met 

061213 3rd day

We had our breakfast at the same restaurant which located inside the hotel again.


 This is just part of the dishes..
I gained few kg after 2 days..duh!! We eat and eat and eat until I scared.

 Darling popo

After lunch, we head to shenzhen to continue our trip.
It took us 1 hour+ to travel from guangzhou-zengcheng to shenzhen

Dinner time

071213 4th day

The temperature in shenzheng wasn't as cold as guangzhou as it located in south of China, near to hongkong.

After breakfast, we went to some kind of theme park in shenzhen to have fun.

 Guess what, this is the first time my boy sit on marry go round...xD

 The roller coaster is made out of wood.

 Show time !

Dinner time

 It's my grandpa's birthday !!

081213 5th day

It's time to say bye bye to China..
It's a short yet meaningful trip

 ShenZhen new Airport.


This was a quick update of my trip to China without much description but I guess photos would speak it all.
I would try to update my trip in December as long as I have enough time to do so..
So guys..see ya..^^